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Office Policies

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Due to frequent changes in healthcare insurance coverage, we require that you provide proof of insurance at EACH visit.
We strive to see you as close as possible to your scheduled time. Yet, as a surgical practice that deals with sensitive issues, there are times when unforeseen situations do arise. A patient may require additional time and personalized care, or an emergency may occur in the hospital that requires our immediate service. If these situations do arise, we ask for your patience and understanding. You may also reschedule your appointment, if you so desire.


All results (laboratory, imaging, pathology) are given and discussed in person during an office visit. Results are not given over the phone.


Requests for medication refills will be completed in as timely a fashion as possible, and usually require 1 business day.

Prior Authorization For Medicaitons

Insurance companies are making it increasingly difficult to prescribe the medications that we think would benefit you most, or the one(s) you may have requested. They often require a lengthy approval process. This can take hours, or even days! The paperwork required, or time on the phone, can overwhelm the capacity of our office staff. The companies typically have a list of preferred medications that may be generic or an alternative that they have negotiated to purchase at a cheaper rate. Generic alternatives have been approved for use by the FDA and are almost uniformly as safe and effective as the name brand choices.

Whenever, possible we will do what we can to advocate on your behalf for the medicine(s) we think are the best fit for you, or the one(s) you may have requested. However, there will be times when the insurance companies simply put up road blocks that we cannot overcome. Under those circumstances, our options are limited to prescribing a generic, alternative, or for the patient to pay the full price for the original prescription. Thank you for understanding in this matter.